Why X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 is the Best Choice for Gaming Chair?

Are you an ardent gamer who spend most of your time gaming? Well, in that case, the X Rocker 51396 Pro series pedestal chair can be a great bid. This chair has every feature that you always craved as a gamer. Whether it is the ergonomic seating arrangement, gunstock arms or multiple chairs fitting feature; this chair will totally live up to the expectations of an avid gamer. Still wondering why X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 is the best choice for gaming chair? Well, here is a detailed scoop telling you why you should actually splurge in this awesome chair.

Features of the X Rocker Pedestal 2.1 Chair

The X Rocker pedestal chair is loaded with some smart and extremely viable features. The finest and advanced features that make it the best choice for gamers include:

  • The best part of using this chair is simply the fact that you can not only hear music and proper sound with this chair but you will ‘actually’ feel it right throughout.
  • In fact, whether you are watching a movie, listening to your favorite music or even playing your favorite game this chair will make you totally submersed in your activity.
  • The chair also comes equipped with two additional speakers and a hidden headset that provides dynamic and ostensible sound on the go.
  • The sound system is equipped with the audio force modulation technology that will buck up the sound quality and let you enjoy an exhilarating experience all throughout.
  • The X rocker base will uplift you and give your long hours of comfort while you tilt or swivel. The arm rest on the other hand, will provide additional support and it also looks perfect on the chair.
  • The most unique feature of the chair is its control panel that comes with a bass and volume control separately.
  • You can use the input and the output jack to get your audio source connected with the X rocker. This is especially relevant for multi-player games.
  • The wireless receiver and the wireless transmitter will let you send audio from any possible source. This becomes even easier with the RCA outputs of your chair or the headset.

Additional Features of this Chair

Here’s a quick scoop on other additional features that the chair has to offer:

  1. Lets you link as many numbers of chairs for an impeccable gaming experience.
  2. Comes equipped with two additional speakers and a sub-woofer that provides dynamic sound with the 2.1 AFM technologies.
  3. The arms are gun stock arms and the design of the device is extremely comfortable. Thus, you can also twist and swivel this chair as much as you like.
  4. The radio wireless receiver along and the wireless transmitter can operate with any possible outputs.
  5. The chair is a perfect choice for playing games, watching movies and listening to music.
  6. These features are indeed very commendable. The chair lets you enjoy an improved desktop experience with its prolific features. The best part: This chair is available at an easy and affordable rate, thereby fitting your budget line perfectly.

    Why Choose the X Rocker Pedestal Chair?

    There are innumerable benefits of using the X Rocker chair that will compel you to buy it. Some of them are listed below:

    • The awesome sound gives you such a thrill that you have never experienced earlier.
    • The chair provides utmost comfort with its ergonomic seating arrangement.
    • Setting up the chair is pretty easy with the instruction manual it comes with.
    • You can always store this chair at any possible location.
    • The cushions and other chair parts can be easily and effectively cleaned.
    • The chair is compatible with almost all gaming consoles.
    • Both kids and adults can use the chair.
    • The chair is extremely light weight and can be moved almost anywhere with additional help.

    Though the non-durability of the cushions and limited options for leaning back can be a bit problematic for the users, but apart from these minor issues this chair is totally a perfect option for the gamers.

    To Verdict

    Well, now that you know why X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 is the best choice for gaming chair, splurge in it for an awesome gaming experience. This chair with its innumerable features and plethora of benefits is totally worth your money. It will completely live up to your expectations and will offer you pleasurable gaming experience like you have never felt before.

5 Things You Should Do Before Buying a Gaming Chair

It is an undoubted fact that the gaming chair that you have influences the gaming experience that you get. If you want to be in the game in the best way possible then you need to have the gaming chair that meets your needs. You should expect functionality and comfort from the seat that you select. As the gaming industry improves and more fun is expected from the gaming experience, more and more gaming accessories and items are incorporated in the experience. It is not about getting a seat that can support you while you play anymore. There is more that these chairs offer. Buying a gaming chair is not easy anymore. Here are 5 things you should do before buying a gaming chair.

Read reviews from other people’s experiences

This is the principle rule for every shopper. It is the primary rule anyone should do before buying something that you expect to use for a long time. When it comes to gaming chairs, you certainly have to do window-shopping. You need to see the available colors of seat and choose one that will match your home. You will need to see the fabrics available in the market and select the type that will work for you. You have to know the specifications that you will expect in every seat. Other than window-shopping, you should evaluate the reviews of the seats in the market to know what works for you.

Know your gamer specifications

The most common gaming consoles are Xbox, PlayStation, and Wii. They all come in varied functions with the most recent having more functionality. You need to know your gamer or you to select the best chair that will give you the best experience from its features. When choosing a chair, compatibility is critical. Before going to look for a gaming chair, you should know your gamer and its compatibility issues such that you select chair that will be of value for you. The same applies to PC gaming. If you have a console that has wireless abilities then you should take advantage of that. Check on some of the features that will make your experience much better so that you get to take full advantage of the chair that you select.

Know the Size and style that you need

The size of the gaming chair that you need matters. Gaming chairs are usually bigger than ordinary chairs. They occupy more space. You should assess the space you have in your house and know the chair that would perfectly fit the space that you allocate for your gaming experience. Most of the time you will find yourself focusing on what the chair has rather than the space that it will occupies. You will end up with a seat that requires you to compromise on the arrangement of your home. The style matter too. There are different styles. Most of the time, the style influences the space and the look of the chair in your home. Know the style that will meet your intended gaming experience and get exactly what you need in your home.

Know the posture you prefer

Before you get the chair that you will use to play, you need to know the posture that will work for you. The chair you get will determine the posture you will be adopting when enjoying your play. Some chairs have adjustable postures. You can recline the backrest or raise it. However, gaming chairs offer more than a backrest when it comes to the gaming experience. It determines your body’s angle and inclination from head to toe. The best thing to do is make a search on the available postures and try them out. Then know what you want.

List your available options

To close the 5 things you should do before buying a gaming chair, is listing the options that you have. The best way to do this is to create a table. The table should have all the features that you prefer or could love to consider when getting the chair and what the various brands of chairs that you have offer. You should also consider the cost of getting the chair in relation the features that you get from the chair. The primary issue here is knowing the comfort and functionality that you want or you will get from the particular brand and the cost you will pay for it. You can then just choose what you love while knowing what you should get.

5 Benefits of Having a Gaming Chair

Video games are played by almost everyone of this generation. It has become a part of their life. Video games are present in various forms. Some play these games via their PC system, others play these in the PlayStations that are available of different companies. Many gaming cafes have also sprung up as they enable a platform for everyone to play while connected together.

Why a Gaming Chair?

One of the very important points about gaming is that the players need to be comfortable while playing, otherwise it will affect their performance. To feel comfortable the chair or couch in which they are sitting must be suitable. A normal chair may not be suitable as sitting on a chair for many hours continuously may give back problems to the person. For these reasons there are custom made gaming chairs available which enable gamers to go hours without feeling an ounce of discomfort. These gaming chairs have got quite popular in recent times and their sales have risen a good deal. All the gaming cafes now days are installing these chairs in their shops as well as this makes the gamers view that particular café more favorably. Hardcore gamers who play from their house also buy these chairs as they sometimes spend an entire night playing the video games and these chairs enable them to do that quite comfortably.

5 Benefits of Having a Gaming Chair

A gaming chair has many advantages and is really a very useful and efficient commodity for a gamer. Below there are 5 benefits of having a gaming chair which makes it such a popular thing. Check them out.

Provides Comfort and Ease

It provides high level of comfort to a gamer. A gamer may spend hours after hours continuously playing a game. For that he or she needs to feel comfortable as otherwise it will be difficult to play the game properly. A gaming chair provides the comfort to a gamer and ensures that the gamer plays the game without any effect on his or her performance due to discomfort.

Enhance the Game Playing Experience

Now days gaming chairs come with inbuilt stereo system and also vibration systems. This provides gamers with the extra effects which include surround sound which adds to the excitement and performance of the gamer.

Offers Varieties of Entertainments

Gaming chairs can be also used to watch movies. The gaming chairs are provided with an audio jack that connects to their audio system. So, to watch a movie with surround sound effects may prove to be a very entertaining.

Saves Space

Gaming chairs do not take much space and many also come with the added advantage of being able to fold. This is extremely useful and perfect for games having shortage of space. After playing it can be folded and kept aside thus saving the space. As it takes minimum space it can be used anywhere by the gamers.

Available in Reasonable Price

These days gaming chairs are not that costly. There are different ranges of chairs for all people. If you have money to burn, you may buy a hi-tech gaming chair with all kinds of latest technology. If you do not have that many bucks, you may go for a simpler gaming chair which will fulfill your basic needs.


Apart from the given 5 benefits of having a gaming chair, there are some added benefits too. As the popularity of the gaming chairs have increased, the manufacturers have added modifications which have become added benefits to the chairs. These include:

  • At first the gaming chair was a comfy bean bag type thing in which the gamers could sit easily and also tilt a bit when required. Basically it was meant to make the gamer feel comfortable. But with everything going hi-tech now, even gaming chairs have catch-ons and ad-ons.
  • Nowadays, gaming chairs are available which have Wi-Fi connection in them and have wireless inbuilt stereo system. They produce a surrounding sound which is a super added benefit for a gamer.
  • Also the latest gaming chairs have other effects such as vibrations which add to the excitement of a gamer.

All of these effects have added to the popularity of the gaming chair. These effects have worked towards making the gaming chair into an indispensable item for the gamers.

Overall a gaming chair is quite useful and over the years it has become a must for the hard core gamers. It has become a part of gaming now and every hard core gamer has a gaming chair on his or her shopping list if they have not bought one yet.