5 Best Ways to Make Money Online for Beginners

One of the most searched terms in the online marketing business is how to make money online from home.

You can find countless articles, eBooks and courses that may or may not teach you the right way.

Most of the content regarding this niche that comes at certain price consists from the fluff talk online gurus uses to sell their poor ideas.

Most of these gurus only make money by selling the eBook and not with the method they put in the eBook.

Unlike those gurus, you can find mentors and consultants who offer quality advice at a higher price and tips you can get from these people do not contain the sentence “You will make millions overnight.”

They are telling the truth to their clients, and there is no way they would ever provide a wrong lesson to anyone.

The premise of this article is to offer that same advice for free – and as a bonus, I am going to provide a link to a course worth looking out.

1. Make Money Blogging

This is certainly one of the most enjoyable ways to earn a decent income online.

Of course, it is enjoyable if you decide to write about things you are passionate.

There are countless ways to earn money from your blog, but the biggest downside of this method is that it takes a lot of time to build a blog flooded with traffic.

For some people, it can take even years to do, but if you are persistent enough, you can make it happen.

A lot of people in the blogosphere have confirmed the fact they needed a lot of blog traffic to create an income that can support their living.

Even though that is true, a big number of visitors are never a substitute for the quality and targeted visitors.

If I have to choose between 30,000 unique un-targeted visitors or 5,000 targeted, I would always choose the other.

When you have traffic, there are couple of ways to earn money from it:

a. Advertising

Add an advertising page and offer services at a certain price.

If your niche has big reach, there are multiple products or services you can advertise, and there are a lot of people who are willing to pay you big money to do it.

b. Affiliate Programs

This is quite easy as this form of income requires only having to put up your unique link to the product and you will be able to earn a percentage of sales from other people’s products.

c. Membership

Do you have particular information you would prefer not revealing for free?

Start up a membership page and charge everyone who would like access to your resources.

d. Sell Your Services & Products:

The most lucrative way to earn money through blogging is by creating and selling your services or products.

There are many other ways as well, and on your road to becoming a successful blogger, you will indeed stumble upon many other lucrative methods to earn money.

2. Freelancing Services

What most gurus never mention is probably the best and quickest way to earn money online by offering some service.

And the reason why they do not include freelancing as a way to make money online is that they are not able to sell you anything when it comes to this method.

Unlike some other ways of earning money I will be listing in this article, freelancing does not require any investment.

You do not have to purchase hosting, domain, set up a shop or buy any goddamn book. All you got to do is to possess a skill someone on the Internet need.

Even if you do not think you possess a skill you can sell, you are terribly wrong.

One of the most selling skills online is the data managing ability, and all you need is a basic understanding of how office package works and a reliable Internet connection.

Of course, this is the skill that does not get paid high, and you will certainly have troubles earning a decent salary by putting data into Excel tables.

However, this is a good start for someone with free time and willingness to start an Internet business.

What Services You Can Offer as Well


This is a type of duty that has a solid learning curve attached to it.

You can’t learn and adopt marketing skills quickly, and you certainly must possess some qualities before you even think about going down this route.


This, as well, comes with a learning curve attached to it but if you find yourself to be a creative person, it is well worth checking out.

Most individuals in this sector possess knowledge regarding Adobe’s package (Illustrator and Photoshop mostly), and if they are doing web design work, they certainly know how to operate a CMS such as WordPress to say at least.


This is certainly the easiest one to start with if you are a native English speaker or someone who can write like one.

Writing is no different to any other skill- it takes time to learn some of the basics, but once when you absorb some of the information, it is pretty easy to start making a decent income.

There are many other skills you can sell, but they are mostly related to these three big sectors.

If you are good at something, there is a high chance someone is willing to hire you to do it.

Where to Start?

If I have to start all over again now, I would think out of the box for a second and design a plan that will land me high-paying clients.

Most people go down the same route when it comes to freelancing – they apply to same freelance platforms and start fighting the same battle with thousands of other freelancers who, to say at least, possess more crafted skills and have more experience.

The worst you can do when you are starting out is to compete with others.

You can’t crush your competition when you have no experience or any working knowledge.

The first rule of becoming a successful freelancer is to have a portfolio of the work you did. To obtain one, start by working for free.

Most people don’t like working for free, but in the long run, this will certainly pay off.

After you adopt a portfolio, think out of the box. Who is your dream client and where you can find it?

I am 100% sure that you are not going to answer with Upwork or Freelancer, so you know what to avoid.

3. Become a Self-Publisher

In the last couple of years, Amazon has expanded in countless ways by offering everyone the chance to become a self-publisher and start a successful self-publishing business.

With the expansion of Kindle and its multiple uses, you can publish your first book even today.

Even though many people consider self-publishing to be an easy method for making a decent income, I would disagree.

If you are planning on becoming a self-publisher, you must know that there are people who will produce more quality work than you.

You need to know publishers are pushing out up to 10-20 books per week.

It is hard to compete with these people as they have a publishing system and money to outsource those tedious tasks including cover creation and formatting the entire book.

Here is the couple of great advises I can give for everyone willing to step into the lucrative world of self-publishing:

  • Write books that expand in length but never compromise on quality.
  • Format every eBook your produce.
  • Create an attractive cover or hire someone from Fiverr.com to do it.
  • Before you write an eBook, carefully decide what niche will be and how you can do the marketing legwork.
  • Write an interesting description.

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4. Amazon Affiliate Business

You have probably seen many times that Amazon has a huge number of products in every category out there.

Products you can find in this marketplace exceed the quality of products in every other online marketplace.

That is why Amazon is so popular among online shoppers.

What you might not know is that Amazon offers the opportunity for everyone to earn money by deliberately promoting their products and making the percentage of sales for those products.

Hence, I’ve seen many entrepreneurs creating websites for the sole purpose of promoting Amazon’s products, and they are pulling out over six figures a year by doing that.

Most people who create such websites are forming the articles as reviews where they put out all of the pros and cons of a particular product.

To start a successful Amazon product review websites, you must possess a good skill for writing reviews (or outsource), some basic web design skills (most of the sites are built on WordPress) and some excellent SEO skills to rank review articles high in search engines.

5. Sell Your Knowledge

Last but not least, one of the greatest and possibly easiest ways to earn money online is to sell your knowledge.

Most people underestimate the power of this method and how fulfilling it can be.

If you do possess certain skill you can teach someone else, you can sell it at a good price.

I always recommend that if you do know how to start your website and sell your course there.

That way, you will eliminate the middleman and earn more money.

However, if you would like to avoid the tasks of setting up your website, processing all the payments and managing clients, you can always sign up to one of the sites that offer you all of that.

By far the best of all in this category is Udemy.com.

On this website, you can sell courses in almost every niche out there, and courses that have the most sales are usually in business and education categories.


These five methods I have included in this article can be a starting point for every beginner out there but is not limited to beginners only.

Even if you are in this business for some time already, you can find yourself starting a new career, and you can choose any of these five methods.

Remember, these methods will only work if you put it enough time and energy to make them work.

Do not fool yourself that success comes easy just because you can do it sitting in your chair.

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